We have a full service facility that can handle general maintenance to a full blown race or sled pulling truck. Give us a call to schedule your truck to be brought into our facility and checked out by our professional and give you the recommended parts needed to get you back on the road.

Not only do we handle all your engine and transmission needs but we also install lift kits, wheels, tires, bumpers and more. We truly are your one stop shop for all your truck needs.


Bigger is better right? Not necessarily! But how much bigger? What size tires do you want to run? Will they rub? Tons of questions come up when it comes to lifts so when you’re looking for the right answers it’s best to talk to the professionals.  Here are some of the brands we recommend, remember quality parts = quality build.  Do it once, do it right.

Skyjacker – Bilstein – Fox – BDS – Zone Offroad – ReadyLIFT

Wheels & Tires

Did you know that lower profile tires ride rougher? Are you torn between all terrain tires and mud terrain tires? Are you worried that your tires won’t fit your factory wheels? We can get any tire and wheel from just about any manufacturer out there. Here are some brands that we like!

Nitto – Toyo – XD Series – LRG – ProComp – American Truxx – Moto Metal – American Racing – American Force – Hostile

Bumpers Fenders & Armor

When you’re out on the trails, stock bumpers just don’t cut it. From bumping into rocks or obstacles to stopping the Prius that crashes into the back of you, bumpers fenders and armor make a huge difference on how your jeep survives life at the mall. We can outfit your Jeep or truck to protect itself from these dangers in any way you see fit. For everything you do to your vehicle, these probably make the most difference as far as quality. Here are our favorites…

ADD Offroad – Fusion – Westin – MBRP – NFAB

Gears & Drivetrain

You just put the new lift wheels and tires on and now you’re wondering where all your power went. When you put the larger tires on, it now takes more power to turn those big meats. You’ll also notice a drop in MPG. This all happens because the engine is no longer running in its power range that it was designed to. The solution to this is to regear your vehicle with the right gear ratio for the tire size. There are charts out there on recommended gear ratios for tire size and while they’re a good starting point, they’re not 100% accurate. The use of your vehicle plays an equal role in gear selection.

General Mechanic

From general maintenance to fixing your air conditioner, we are a one stop shop for anything that has to do with your vehicle.