NTK Performance Inspections

Having your vehicle inspected regularly is important for you and your family’s safety on the road. The PA state vehicle inspection requirement sets a standard for vehicle performance and safety for all. At NTK Performance our experts follow strict state guidelines for required vehicle inspections in order to comply with safety rules and regulations.

We offer a comprehensive inspection service and will provide you with a diagnosis of your vehicle’s results if your inspection fails. In the event that your vehicle fails inspection, we will inform you of the repairs and services needed to complete in order to pass inspection and we will gladly perform these services and repairs for you.

NTK Performance is a family owned and operated, full service Diesel, Truck, Jeep & SUV repair facility. We believe that vehicle repair and maintenance should be friendly and hassle free. If your vehicle is due for a state inspection, bring your vehicle into the expert at NTK Performance. We look forward to servicing your vehicle soon!